Gypsophilia Cosmic My White

Gypsophila is a genus in the Caryophyllaceae family, containing about 100 species of annuals and perennials native to Eurasia, Africa and Australia. Plants in the Gypsophila genus have lance-shaped leaves and numerous tiny white or pink flowers that typically grow on tall stems. They are often grown for decorative purposes and are commonly used as a cut flower to give a delicate look in arrangements and bouquets.

Gypsophilla Excellence

Our Gypsophila Excellence bulk flowers are sold by the bunch, with approximately eight to 13 stems per bunch (packed by weight). Blooms by the Box makes it easy to purchase and incorporate this extraordinary Gypsophilia Excellence into your DIY bouquets and arrangements! Our farm-fresh flower selections and bulk flowers are cut to order and are delivered directly to your front door, so you can create something amazing.

Limonium Pina Colada

These feathery and colorful branches are essential for bouquets, corsages and other flower arrangements. They usually come in shades of lavender and purple, but breeders have also developed varieties in other hues, including white, pink, and yellow. What we may call the flowers of limonium species are really colorful, papery calyxes which surround the true flowers. The calyxes keep their vibrant color, making Limonium varieties some of the favorite flowers for dried arrangements.

Limonium Safora Dark Blue

This beautiful filler flower is well known for its delicate feel. With its soft lavender and pink florets, it pairs beautifully with Roses, Lisianthus, and Lilies, for a great touch of color and texture to a peony wedding bouquet.